PRO 2 / ESSENTIAL / S1 Fender

Our sport-line Fender designed for Xiaomi 365 PRO 2 – ESSENTIAL – S1 is printed  with PET-G Ultra FDM technology

We choose this material becaus it is more resistent than PLA standard: it has a shell and an infill  such as to guarantee the right strenght for the product use.

The sport-line avoid the is more robuster than the standard one, and it avoids the annoying swinging during the ride.

The article is desinged to be “plug & play”: all you have to do is to fix the original stop sign to the new fender, without any change to the escooter,  without any welder or cable cut.

It doesn’t need an extra thickness on 10′ wheels.

We offer a customize service with a logo or with a clip art in rilief on thefender upper part.

All our products are made based on purchase orders.

We need 15 days from the purchase order to create this product.

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